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Why the gabion box is the best choice in the slope revetment?

Author : Kelly Date : 7/21/2014 6:29:27 PM
Why the gabion box is the best choice in the slope revetment?

1.The gap of the gabion box is larger, So often overbuerden or fill space in the gabion gap,through the action of microorganisms and various creatures, forming a soft and rich in nutrients topsoil is conducive to plant growth. Then create a good environment.

2.Gabion also has strong permeability. The gabion box was filled in stones and other objects, mostly loose material, there are many pores,thus having a water permeability,can fully guarantee the water exchange between the banks of the river water and the regulatory function, flood detention and drought release, adjust the water level, enhance self-purification capacity of water. Conducive to the discharge the holes of soil water after masonry, thereby reducing pressure on the wall after the groundwater,Also,Once the infiltraion of surface water in the soil behind the wall, It can be quickly discharged through the masonry,effectively reducing the water table.

3.Gabion box has a better impact resistance.Gabion box to be applied in the bank, the sea embankment protection, but long -term erosion withstand storms scour coefficient beat gabion protection works are twice as riprap scour protection. Gabion mattress protection engineering even displacement, then the deformed pad structure will be adjusted to reach a new equilibrium,But overall will not be destroyed in order to effectively protect the slope soil is not destroyed.So high safety factor.

4.The gabion has good wave of anti.Because there is a certain space with stones in the gabion box, when the crest ,storms shot, the spray was crushed,reducing the impact of pressure waves. When the storms,crest retreat,because there has a gap gabion,underming the storm vacuum suction, but also reduces the damage to the protective engineering efforts,coupled with the overall structure can be fine-tuned in the storm force, avoiding the disadvantages of the cracks in the walls.

5.Good flexibility.Gabion box with galvanized coating raw materials can be carbon steel wire, wire mesh constitute a certain degree of strength, not pulled off, gabion higher overall strength.Low-carbon steel to with stand moderate deformation characteristics, can make all work whole,without parting, even if  the structure breaking a wire of the mesh, it will not affect the integrity of the structure. Especially when subjected to soil subsidence or soil behind the wall there is a small deformation of the structure can be self-adaptive tuning, not because of uneven subsidence arising from subsidence joints, etc., the overall structure is not destroyed.