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The four obvious advantages of the gabion box

Author : Kelly Date : 7/20/2014 8:57:43 PM
The four obvious advantages of the gabion box:

Compared with the traditional method of Slope protection, the Gabion box has the following remarkable characteristic.

1.The Products with lower cost in the construction.It equalled that replenished stones and cobblestones into the gabion box, and can Based on the spot. it is more useful in the construction of the mountain area with bad traffic. Compared with other projects, It dones’t need to buy a large number of templates and machines to set equipment deployment. The project cost relatively low.

2.With good osmotic excretion properties,The stones are put in the gabion box. And there has more small holes,So the gabion box has water permeability.  

3.The Flexible winding property of the iron wire makes the gabion box projects has Excellent compliance to the deformation and bending.  When occasionally produce land subsidence or foundation deformation as well as foundation of the building brings  intrinsic land subsidence,  It formed a shape of tight  and squeeze,It can fit for the external deformation and can not break.

4. The gabion box has the fast construction characteristic, When the bottom completed excavation, the gabion box building can be finished one-time.In the process of construction,It can restrain river and coastal beach and build the cofferdam. In the process of construction the anhydrous region, rockfilled and adjoin reinforce can be finished together. Under water construction at the rivers and coastal areas, It can be well installed first, then lifting and well setting.