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Product name : Anchor Performance Chart
Material : Galvanized
Fabrication Process : 
Colour : 
Aperture Shape : 
Surface Treatment : Galvanized
Packing Method : Bundle
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Anchor performance chart

    Hollow grouting anchor performance

    1)Hollow design, make the function of bolt grouting pipe, to avoid the traditional construction technology of grouting mortar caused by pulling out of the drain pipe;

    2)Grouting fullness, and can realize the pressure grouting, enhance the quality of the project;

    3)Because of the role of the accessories, the rod body centered performance is good, can be wrapped mortar anchor full-length, avoids the corrosion risk, to achieve the purpose of long-term support.

    4).Easy installation, without the need for on-site processing thread, you can install the pad is convenient, nuts;

    5)Combined with anchor special-purpose grouting pump and grouting technology supporting, is currently the only advanced technology.

    The self feeding grouting bolt performance

    1)Bolt has strong penetrating power drill, in general the chisel rock mechanical function, can easily penetrate various rock

    2)Bolt with continuous International standard corrugated thread,can be used as the drill pipe assembled with drill bit to finish drilling as anchor hole;

    3)As the drill rod bolt body without pulling out,the hollow can be used as grouting channel, grouting from inside to outside;

    4)Effective stop grouting plug make grouting can keep the grouting pressure strong, fill the void full of broken rock, a high strength fixing plate,the deep surrounding rock pressure evenly transferred to surrounding rock can be reached with rock bolt nut, mutual support.

    5)The high strength connecting sleeve which used processing machinery cutting,can make the self feeding anchor as drill as lengthened,so that it can be used in narrow construction space,realized long bolt plus surrounding rock design ideas.

    6)Because the function of the bolt three-in-one makes its construction in various rock conditions, does not need the casing wall, grouting and other special techniques can also form the bolt,ensure  anchoring and grouting effect.

The flow chart of installing hollow grouting anchor system

    Check→Review→Drill→Install stop grouting plug→Fixing plate,screw→Grouting

The self feeding anchor system installation diagram

Check Review Drill(feed)(clean)Install stop grouting plug Grouting


 Drill Hole  There is no blockage               Install fixing plate and screw

      Hollow grouting anchor system type and specification                 The self feeding grouting bolt performance

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