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Product name : Flexible Cable Guardrail
Material : Galvanized Wire
Fabrication Process : Twist
Colour : 
Aperture Shape : 
Surface Treatment : Galvanized
Packing Method : Bundle
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Flexible Cable Guardrail of Highway

    Compared with the traditional guardrail, the Flexible Cable Guardrail has high flexibility,strong impact resistance,collision resistance,snow and wind disaster resistance ability and so on.In addition,cable barrier permeability better will be more beneficial for visitors to enjoy the natural landscape.


    Products used for highways,railways and protected zone on both sides of the bridge,the airport,seaport,dock safety protection,mountains and scenic road safety protection.


    Compared to the conventional waveform guardrail highway guardrail, cable guardrail due to the material to its own characteristics, has the following two advantages:

    1)To prevent second injuries, to reduce the driver and passenger safety accident
    2)The driver's field of penetration rate is relatively high, reduce driver fatigue of the eyes

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