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Product name : Gabion Mesh Sack
Material : Galvanized Wire,Galfan Wire,PVC Coated Wire
Fabrication Process : Twisted and Woven
Colour : Silver,Green,Blue
Aperture Shape : Hexagonal
Surface Treatment : Zinc Coated,Galfan or PVC Coated
Packing Method : Bundle,Pallet
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Gabion Mesh Sack

    Gabion mesh sack also known as gabion sack,sack gabion,dragon technology,stone cage net and alloy net,etc.It is composed of a single layer hexagonal wire netting,wrapped into cylindrical body.Its eyes,wire,galvanizing and PVC coating is the same as the gabion basket and mats.By filling different shape stones inside,to form a whole and flexible unit, through hoisting,truck,ship delivery to certain site,connect each other into a large unit,build convenient,fast,efficient and economic.

Normal Specification

    Gabion Sack produced according to STM A 975 and EN10223 standard

    Opening Size: 60×80,80×100,100×120,120×150mm

Normal Size of Gabion Mesh Sack
Length Diameter Capacity
1.8 0.6 0.54
2.7 0.6 0.80
1.8 0.9 1.20
2.7 0.9 1.80
size can be customized according to the engineering design.

Product Feature

    There are more porous among these rock and stones which filled inside the gabion sack,this structure is conducive to the discharge of pore water in the soil, reduce the pore water pressure in the soil, ensure that the shear strength of soil, is conducive to the stability of the whole structure.

2) Long service life
    Its raw material is Galfan 10% Al 90%Zinc alloy wire,based on excellent technology to ensure the uniformity of coating thickness, strong corrosion resistance,service life even up to 100 years.

    Gabion mesh sack project is composed of steel wire cages with stone infill,generally cost less than concrete price,lower or close to masonry price.Especially in the poor soil and bad foundation conditions,gabion sack can reduce large cost for treating foundation,more reflect its advantage of low price.

4)Convenient construction
    Simple operation, small interference by the climate, and suitable for mechanized operation, not only can ensure the construction quality,but also speed up the progress of the project.

Application Field

    ※ Underwater Cast Engineering
    ※ S
lope protection engineering

Installation process
   1) Material Transport
   2) Assembly
   3) Ground preparation
   4) Bound Edge
   5) Placement

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