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Product name : Hesco Barrier
Material : Galvanised Wire,Galfan Wire,Stainless Steel Wire
Fabrication Process : Welded
Colour : Silver,Field Gray,Yellowish-brown,Grass Green
Aperture Shape : Square or Rectangle
Surface Treatment : Heavily Zinc Coated or Galfan Wire
Packing Method : Folded and packed onto pallet
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Hesco Barrier

    We are an expert of making Hesco Barrier,it is a wire mesh container which made of plain welded mesh panels,then use spiral spring wires assemble into specific size cages,equipped with geotextile,bound. To use it,filling the stones,sand or soil inside the net cage,thus forming a solid wire mesh wall.

    Wire Diameter:  4mm   5mm  6mm
    Aperture Size:  76.2 x 76.2mm(3")/75mm x 75mm
    Product Accessories: Spiral wire,Geotextile,clips

Specification Table

Model  Height Width Length
Mil1 1.37 m 1.06 m 10.0 m
 Mil2  0.61 m  0.61 m   1.22 m
  Mil3   1.0 m  1.0 m   10.0 m
 Mil4   1.0 m   1.5 m  10.0 m
 Mil5   0.61m   0.61 m   3.05 m
 Mil6  1.68 m  0.61 m   3.05 m
 Mil7  2.21 m  2.13 m  27.74 m
 Mil8  1.37 m  1.22 m  10.0 m
 Mil9  1.0 m  0.76 m  9.14 m
  Mil10  2.12m  1.52m  30.5m
 Mil1.9  2.74m  1.06m   3.3m
 EPW1  2.1m  1.06m 33m

                                    The exact size according to the actual needs of customers customized

Product Feature

    a) Hesco Barrier is Simple to use, easy to operate
    b) High Tensile Strength,corrosion resistance
    c) Long service life, can be reused
    d) Hesco Barrier/Explosion-proof wall with anti shock capability,limit the damage of explosive in a certain range

Installation steps

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