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Product name : SNS Protection Component
Material : Galvanized
Fabrication Process : Mixed
Colour : Silver
Aperture Shape : 
Surface Treatment : Galvanized
Packing Method : Bundle
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SNS flexible protection system components

    Slope flexible protection system should meet the design requirements of slope engineering.

Main components of the system

  ※ Steel Wire Rope Netting,for the steel wire rope net class active protection and passive protection
  ※ Steel Wire Mesh,reducer/decompression ring,steel pole,for the passive protection,Composed of I-shaped steel etc
  ※ Rope Bolt/Anchor,for the passive protection
  ※ All kinds of hardware,standard parts

Main components technical requirements

Steel Wire Rope Netting/Material

    The wire rope should conform to the requirements of GB/T8919, the galvanized wire rope should conform to table B galvanized steel wire rope 6 GB/T8919-1996 requirements, the nominal tensile strength of not less than 1770Mpa, the minimum fracture tension of not less than 40KN (Φ8mm wire rope) or not less than 20KN (Φ6mm wire rope).
The overlapping parts generally use the common soft pure aluminum tube, the length of not less than 50mm, diameter is less than 3cm, wall thickness of not less than 3mm.

    Fastening parts thickness not less than 2mm,and must be galvanized,zinc coating thickness not less than 8μm.


    Mesh specifications: according to different purposes of the rhombic mesh length is generally 300,250,200,150,120,100mm. Side mesh error less than 20mm.
    Network block specifications: finished net block general specifications for 4m x 4m, 4m x 2m, 5m x 3m,5m x 4m,5m x 5m,5m x 6m,can also according to the design requirements to adjust the network block size.

Preparation of Steel Wire Rope Net

1) On the interlacing
2) The steel wire rope can not have the phenomenon of wire broken and wire removal
3) Cross node by pressing piece fixed,joint point crimped by lap joint,not missing,Steel wire rope with lap joint length of at least 10mm
4) when weaving net,pressing piece and lap joint must be crimped by machinery,the surface can not be broken and obvious damage
5) Net must be flat, net rope shall not save node and obvious distortions

Performance Requirement

    Net with a fastener material, structure size and the crimping process shall ensure that the sliding force (anti shearing force) is not less than 5KN, pulling out of not less than 10KN.

    Steel Pole, according to different height of passive system adopts I-beam and processing of different specifications,steel pole height should be the same height with passive system height,the minimum specification requirements of different height I-beam should meet the table below,the surface of the steel pole should be used in anti-corrosion measures,generally use the hot dipped galvanized,the zinc coating thickness not less than 8μm.

Different height steel pole model requirements
System Height (m)        2       3    4        5   6  7
I - Beam Model     16     16   18       20b   22b   22b

    The base and the connector
    The Base is the positioning seat for steel pole,steel structure component. Connector is used to realize the steel pole and base joints connecting member.The base and connector’s anti-corrosion requirements shall be not less than the steel pole’s anti-corrosion properties. 

The steel pole base and the connector is shown in Figure 1.


    Decompression ring: 
    According to its connected steel wire rope diameter difference and the design of energy,we can choose different model decompression ring. Decompression ring are generally three types,see the table below

Type A B C
Energy absorption 30KJ 50KJ 110KJ

    The starting load of decompression ring should between its connected rope breaking tension 10%-70%,its critical deformation load not less than 50KN.

    Decompression ring meets the technical requirement of hot rolled steel plate GB/T 912,surface galvanized, galvanized coating thickness not less than 8μm.

    Seaming Rope: 
    The seaming rope selection should be not less than 8mm,should meet the requirements of GB/T819

    Steel Wire Mesh: 
    Woven wire diameter should be not less than 2.2mm,hot dipped galvanized wire,aperture size 50mm x 50mm,steel wire should meet the requirement of GB/T 343.

    Supporting Rope: 
    The transverse supporting rope should use not less than16mm steel wire rope,a longitudinal supporting rope should use not less than12mm steel wire rope,double wire rope regional aspect support rope are advised to use not less than16mm steel wire rope.

    Rope Bolt:
    It should use double strands form,not less than 16mm diameter,its length not less than 2m.

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